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Jump N’ Java Cafe – Breakfast in Fort Mill

Hmm, can I get some more toast?

RJ and I were up earlier than usual on Saturday due to meeting a guy to buy a road bike for me pretty early across town. Since we were up anyway and RJ has a gift card for a bike store in Fort Mill we decided to head that way and see if we could find somewhere to get some breakfast grub. Strangely enough, a place right next to the bike store had a sign for breakfast so we turned in and hoped for the best.

We stumbled upon a real gem at Jump N’ Java cafe. From the outside, it looks like a tiny coffee shop, but when I walked inside I realized that the cafe was connected to the catering business – so they were literally one big place! When we walked in, we weren’t sure what to do, so we just sat down. Someone from behind the counter asked if it was our first time and a “local” jokingly asked her how she could tell (We found out that you have to go to the back bar and order/pay for your food and then they bring it to your table). So if you go – save yourself the embarrassment and just go right to the back and grab a menu to order!

They had a little bit of everything. From bagels to bagel sandwiches, muffins to delicious french toast, build your own omlets…bacon, sausage, name it. The help was friendly and suggested the french toast to me since it was our first time. She mentioned a secret recipe that guests were always trying to figure out the ingredients that made it so delicious. That’s all she needed to say – I went with the french toast and it came with a side of meat. Of course, I picked bacon and yes, it was delicious.

Drizzled with a little syrup, this one was delicious!

I liked that their meals were priced with a side and a drink. I got this yummy breakfast for $6.25. They had about 5 different coffees to pick from, and you could get free refills which was also a big plus for me!



RJ went with the Spanish Omlet – it included Sausage, salsa, onion, green peppers, Cheddar & jack cheese, sour cream. I think he was trying to have Mexican food without going to a Mexican restaurant personally. 🙂 The omlet wasn’t too fluffy, which I personally like.  He said it wasn’t anything fancy, but he enjoyed it. He ordered a side of grits and I’m pretty sure he cleaned his plate. Other than the huge amount of sourdough toast they gave him!


Making RJ happy since 1980


Rj was pretty excited that you could choose your drink selection from anything they had in the back and when he saw they had Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda he quickly changed his Diet Pepsi order to the Cream Soda. He felt the need to take a picture of it for you all so you’d know the BEST cream soda in the world.


Overall, we were really pleased with breakfast. We happened to have a City Pass coupon, so we only spent about $9 on breakfast for the two of us. They also serve lunch.  Everything seems homemade here – really fresh ingredients and some fun loving wait staff who aren’t afraid to kid around with you and make you feel like a long-time customer.

Fun place to try if you ever find yourself in Fort Mill for breakfast or lunch! They don’t have a website that I could find – but here’s a link to their menu and address:


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