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Waldhorn Restaurant Review

So RJ and I have been talking about trying Waldhorn forever. Another couple also expressed interest in going, so finally – we made plans to check this place out this past Friday.

For those of you that may have never heard of Waldhorn (pronounced¬†Vahld-horn), it’s a German restaurant located in Charlotte. I guess technically it’s in Pineville, but whatever.

The point is – you should go. It was amazing!

When you first arrive – it really does look like you’re at that place in Epcot where they have all the different countries. The architecture/style of the restaurant from the outside really just looks “German.” I was a little surprised when I walked in because I guess I was expecting something a bit more fancy. It has more of a family style feel even though the first thing you see when you walk in is the bar.

I think the decor inside could be a bit more authentic, but the food and service more than made up for what the decor was lacking.

Of course, we started with an authentic German beer. They claim to have the best German beer selection in town including traditional beers from Germany with breweries dating back to the year 1040. Pretty cool. Although this is coming from the gal who likes Bud Light Lime. ūüôā

Mmmm - German beer!

RJ ordered me the¬†Franziskaner Hefeweizen which is a wheat beer as I’ve been exploring more Hefeweizen’s lately in an effort to be more cool. ūüėČ I have to say it wasn’t my favorite Hefe I’ve had – I didn’t finish all of it. But the other couple with us ordered the same thing and loved it.

RJ went with something darker, aptly named¬†Franziskaner (dark wheat). ¬†He¬†thought it was a heavy wheat beer.¬† It was oddly cloudy for a dark wheat, but still crisp.¬† The Finish was a bit “doughy”.¬† All in all he said the beer was good, but maybe a bit heavy to pair with the duck meal (more on that later!).


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