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Zucchini Boats

We belong to a CSA and the last few weeks we’ve been overwhelmed with summer squash/zucchini. This week is no different. In order to do something beyond a casserole (which we’ve already done) or just cutting it up and cooking it in the pan (boring!) – I decided to venture onto Pinterest to see what other (and more creative) people are doing.

I stumbled across this recipe and wanted to share it!

This particular post goes into details about different things to do with grape tomatoes, but I was more interested in what she was doing with the zucchini. You’ll find some pictures and the recipe I “interpreted” on the link above.

Some things I changed out – first off, I used both squash and zucchini and it seemed to work out just fine. I also didn’t have grape tomatoes and just used a regular tomato and cut it up into pieces that would fit onto the squash (not as cute, but still effective). I also added cracked red pepper to the garlic/olive oil/S&P “sauce” for a little spice in your life! Lastly, I picked some fresh basil from what’s growing on our deck and it was delicious!

My picture isn’t as awesome and delicious looking as hers (although it was totally tasty!) but just so you can see my handiwork (i.e. the totally uncrafty/nongourmet version):

Pairs well with your basic ham and cheese sammy!


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