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Restaurant Review: Bombay Grille (Indian)

For starters - this comes for free!

This weekend, we once again looked through our coupon book we purchased for a new place to try. Part of giving up Mexican food was about us trying new places that we might not have thought of before. We both love Indian food and have tried a few spots around town, but had never been to Bombay Grille which is actually not too far from us on Pineville Matthews Road.

When we arrived, it was pretty busy, and while we stood waiting for someone to notice the few of us who had gathered in the “waiting room” I was immediately aware of how awesome it smelled. Server after server brought out different entrees – some sizzling, some creamy, some exotic and some more Dre-friendly. ūüôā (more…)

1900 Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar


Acapulco Fish Tacos

So – for Lent, RJ & I are saying good bye to Mexican food and Fried food. Let’s have a moment of silence for those 2 things.


Okay. I’m still slightly traumatized by our decision because I love Mexican food – but i can do anything for 40 days (right?)! In order to properly say goodbye, we decided to enjoy one last Mexican meal out at 1900 Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar on Park Road here in Charlotte for Fat Tuesday.

Afterall, this restaurant was where RJ & I had our first official date, so it holds a special place in our hearts. *aww*

Alright, i know – you are thinking hurry up and get to the review! Here we go…

This restaurant has a good feeling to it – you walk in and you feel comfortable and it doesn’t seem overly posh, or too much like a hole in the wall. The service is always good, everyone’s friendly and the chips and salsa are delicious which i find to be very telling of a Mexican restaurant. If the chips and salsa aren’t good – typically the actual meal won’t be either. (more…)

Tavern on Park – Restaurant Review

RJ & I recently tried Tavern on Park – it’s been there for some time, but neither of us had eaten there. If you live in Charlotte – you probably KNOW where it is, even if you haven’t been. It sits in the the shopping center right on the corner of Park Road and Woodlawn Ave. NOT Park Road Shopping Center – but the one on the other side with the huge Total Wine in it. It’s a spacious place with a ton of tvs, various seating and a pretty large bar.

It’s changed hands quite a few times in the last few years – so you may not have taken time out to give it a try. RJ & I recently purchased one of the CitiPass coupon books and were looking for a place to do a late lunch/early dinner on Sunday. The CitiPass has a buy one get one dinner entree deal – so we decided to check it out.

The location is ideal because parking usually isn’t an issue – and it’s close to a lot of other places so if you wanted to do food there and grab drinks on Montford – it’s super close. It’s a laid back environment – or at least it was on a Sunday afternoon. It was a seat yourself sort of thing. We waited for a little while for someone to notice us and bring us menus – but once our server came, she was really great.

I noticed some of the menu items reminded me of some options from the classic Sir Edmund Halley’s that just reopened in Charlotte. Tavern on Park had a ¬†Jerk Chicken Nacho and a¬†Spicy Portabella & Asparagus Grilled Cheese that reminded me of Sir Ed’s. Anyway – we splurged and tried the Jerk Chicken nachos. I have to say that we waited on them for awhile – but it was worth the wait. They were really delicious. So good, in fact, that we didn’t manage to take a picture of them ūüôā

I liked that the appetizer, while more than enough for two people to share – it wasn’t a monster platter piled high. The jerk seasoning was good – but not overpowering and the chicken was well cooked – not overly dry.

Chicken Dakota


For dinner – I went with the¬†Chicken Dakota sandwich which was grilled chicken, honey mustard, tavern fried onions on a grilled sourdough bread. I got the fries as a side – and they were the crispy brown kind…you know like the curly fries except NOT curly? They were GOOD. They also had an option of the homemade chips but when we asked the server her suggestion she said the fries looked really good “this time around.” So i’d encourage you to ask the same question if you go just in case they aren’t always the same?

The sandwich was really tasty. The grilled sourdough was probably my favorite part – it was a little doughy from the honey mustard dressing – which was more of a mustard based dressing (not the thick creamy dipping kind). The tavern fried onions were tiny little strips of fried onion – kind of like onion straws and while they were tasty, it was impossible to not eat them all in one bite without creating a mess. I’ve said this before on our restaurant reviews – but this wouldn’t be something i’d suggest as a first date or work lunch food because it is MESSY! On the other hand – it was delicious and priced at $8.99 – i thought it was reasonable and a big portion ( I didn’t finish the sandwich).

Blackened Salmon Wrap

RJ went with the¬†Blackened Salmon Wrap with avocado, baby greens, tomato, lemon aioli and the fries and he enjoyed it thoroughly. ¬†He said¬†the salmon was cooked just right and the sauce¬†was light and creamy. He said it wasn’t a¬†super flavorful wrap, but good for a light lunch. He did mention that it would have been super messy if it wasn’t in a wrap! It was also $8.99 and came with your choice of a side.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at Tavern on Park. We ended up eating off their dinner menu, but in a quick comparison with their lunch menu via their website – I don’t see any major differences in pricing!

Decent selection of beers on draft – and it looks like they have specials going on almost everyday on food or buckets of beer, etc.

It’s a nice atmosphere – nothing fancy, but lots of options for a variety of eaters. Check it out:¬†



Waldhorn Restaurant Review

So RJ and I have been talking about trying Waldhorn forever. Another couple also expressed interest in going, so finally – we made plans to check this place out this past Friday.

For those of you that may have never heard of Waldhorn (pronounced¬†Vahld-horn), it’s a German restaurant located in Charlotte. I guess technically it’s in Pineville, but whatever.

The point is – you should go. It was amazing!

When you first arrive – it really does look like you’re at that place in Epcot where they have all the different countries. The architecture/style of the restaurant from the outside really just looks “German.” I was a little surprised when I walked in because I guess I was expecting something a bit more fancy. It has more of a family style feel even though the first thing you see when you walk in is the bar.

I think the decor inside could be a bit more authentic, but the food and service more than made up for what the decor was lacking.

Of course, we started with an authentic German beer. They claim to have the best German beer selection in town including traditional beers from Germany with breweries dating back to the year 1040. Pretty cool. Although this is coming from the gal who likes Bud Light Lime. ūüôā

Mmmm - German beer!

RJ ordered me the¬†Franziskaner Hefeweizen which is a wheat beer as I’ve been exploring more Hefeweizen’s lately in an effort to be more cool. ūüėČ I have to say it wasn’t my favorite Hefe I’ve had – I didn’t finish all of it. But the other couple with us ordered the same thing and loved it.

RJ went with something darker, aptly named¬†Franziskaner (dark wheat). ¬†He¬†thought it was a heavy wheat beer.¬† It was oddly cloudy for a dark wheat, but still crisp.¬† The Finish was a bit “doughy”.¬† All in all he said the beer was good, but maybe a bit heavy to pair with the duck meal (more on that later!).


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