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A little fajita in my life…

Sizzling & delicious!

So for anyone who knows me, I heart Mexican food. Fajitas, burritos, taco salad with crispy shell…oh my! The unfortunate thing about mexican food is that when you eat Mexican OUT, it’s usually pretty terrible for you even when you try hard to pick something healthier. Because, let’s be serious, who can pass up on chips and salsa?

I bought RJ this series of books from Eat This Not That for his birthday. And no, it wasn’t really me trying to encourage him to eat healthier – he just thought they had fun interesting facts and asked for them. I am not a mean wife! 🙂

So anyway – these books have some great recipe trades so you can make a healthier version of your favorite “eat out” meals at some typical restaurants. One of my fav things to get at a Mexican restaurant is the chicken fajitas.  The book had a recipe swap for the Chili’s chicken fajitas so I was immediately on board (even though I don’t really eat at Chili’s that often I felt good about my choice!).

All wrapped up and ready to go!

Homemade Guacamole - YUM!

I made some tasty homemade guacamole (never made it before) and it was delicious. To the right you’ll see our healthy fajita ready to be eaten!




So here’s the recipe for all those out there who just can’t live without mexican food in their lives:  (more…)

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