Adventures of Eating with dReJ: healthy, cheap, delicious

About Us & Where it all started…

Two years ago, my new years resolution was the same as it always was: Lose Weight. But instead of just saying I would – I came up with an idea and asked my then boyfriend (now husband) if he was interested.

“Do you want to pick out healthy recipes and split the cost of groceries every week?” Awesome. He was in – so we were off on our adventure of saving cash and eating healthier.

He used to be a chef, and I am an ‘okay’ cook. So we meet in the middle when it comes to a complex recipe. I used to skip over a lot of recipes because they looked too difficult, so with him acting as “head chef” in this relationship, I’m learning new things about cooking all the time. As a result, I’m a lot more confident in the kitchen – even if i do continue to ask him “which side do I lay the onion on to slice it?” every time.

After two years of picking 4 recipes a week and splitting them between the two of us – we’ve tried over 500 recipes. A lot of them from healthy websites, magazines, etc and some that we just make up, or reinvent because we want it to be healthier.  We started losing weight, eating more fresh ingredients, and saving money by picking recipes that compliment each other so we can use some of the same ingredients in different ways.

One of our engagement pictures…looking a bit healthier, huh?!

Pretty soon, everyone started asking us what our line up for the week was and we became the “popular kids” at the lunch table at work as co-workers wished they had brought our lunch instead of theirs.

We say: it takes a little planning, a commitment to eating what you make and the ability to eat the same meal twice over the course of 5 days (like once for lunch and another day for dinner). If you are interested – we’re spelling it out for you on this blog. We’ll link the recipes we used, pictures of ingredients and the cooking process, and anything we changed or would suggest after we actually ate it (like this would be better if you have access to a toaster over at work!).

I’m sure along the way, we’ll have some random stuff, like which beer RJ was drinking while cooking and fun places we eat at in Charlotte. Hope you enjoy our adventures!

August 2012 Update: After at 30 Day Wheat Free challenge, we now find ourselves eating almost no wheat/grain at this point with a focus on healthy fats, protein & fresh vegetables – we also aren’t doing low calorie/low fat/fat free types of things as they tend to be over processed and striped of all the REAL food that is good for our bodies.. Some of our older recipes on this site will obviously still include things like wheat, grain, low fat ingredients, etc. but as we move forward you will probably find more paleo/primal inspired recipes that are also delicious and healthy – just wheat free mostly!

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