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New fav wine!


Just sampled this wine at Harris Teeter today and wow! Had to buy it, bring it home and drink it.

Its a bold dry red wine…a shiraz-cabernet sauvignon from South Africa. $9.99 on special. Two bottoms up!

Holiday Beer Guide – An RJ Special Edition

RJ’s top 10 beers to give as a present (or drink for yourself)

RJ Side Note: Now keep in mind that these are not my 10 most favorite beers because that list would look something like this: IPA, IPA, IPA, IPA… get the idea.  So I have tried to pick not only a good range of beers for everyone, but also beers that should be reasonably easy to find at your local “good beer store”.  Another thing to keep in mind is we are approaching the Holiday season, so this may or may not have impacted my decision when putting this list together.  So without further ado, may I present to you “The Holiday Beer List”


New pumpkin beer to checkout!


Okay so I love fall because of all the pumpkin flavored stuff. I heard good things about the Catawba Valley Brewing Company right here in the Carolinas (Morganton, NC). They have the King Don’s Pumpkin Ale which I finally found at Healthy Home Market off south blvd. It only comes in growlers so be prepared to either drink one with every meal for the weekend or find a pumpkin loving friend to share with.

You twist the cap off and u are met with an awesome whiff of pumpkiny goodness. The taste doesn’t disappoint either. It’s kinda like fall in a glass. It’s almost dessert like and sits a little heavy but in a “glad you are here” kind of way.

This might be a contender with the Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale I love so much. Enjoy! This was 13.99 for the growler!

What rj is drinking tonite


Nor*cal IPA. We picked this up from Healthy Home Market (home economist for those that can’t deal with the name change). It was in the 5$ range for a 22oz. Initial thots: lighter type of IPA. light to Moderately hoppy and a lighter in color IPA.

Has a citrus beginning taste and a sweet finish. Thumbs up.

Yummm beer!


I am usually pretty lame when I drink beer. So when we went to total wine this weekend I expanded from the usual. Highly recommend this Hefeweizen. It’s UFO by Harpoon. Light and great with an Orange slice!

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