Adventures of Eating with dReJ: healthy, cheap, delicious

For starters - this comes for free!

This weekend, we once again looked through our coupon book we purchased for a new place to try. Part of giving up Mexican food was about us trying new places that we might not have thought of before. We both love Indian food and have tried a few spots around town, but had never been to Bombay Grille which is actually not too far from us on Pineville Matthews Road.

When we arrived, it was pretty busy, and while we stood waiting for someone to notice the few of us who had gathered in the “waiting room” I was immediately aware of how awesome it smelled. Server after server brought out different entrees – some sizzling, some creamy, some exotic and some more Dre-friendly. 🙂

Once we were seated they immediately brought us the typical crunchy bread and dip  (I like to think of it as Indian foods version of chips and salsa). I believe the bread is called Khakra and at Bombay Grille they served it with 3 different sauces. One was red – an onion chutney, the brown dip had a sweet taste to it, and the green we couldn’t really figure out – perhaps a coriander mix? I’ve had it before at other restaurants, and it’s not my favorite although RJ likes it. I liked that they brought out a few dip options to try at this restaurant.

Na Na Na Naan!

One thing I have to get every time I eat Indian food is Naan. They had a few different types, but garlic naan is usually the winner for me. They brought a big yummy plate of it and it was just as delicious as it looks. It came with a yogurt style dip which was also very tasty. I’m loving the dips this place offers!

Chicken Malai Tikka

So now that you’ve completely filled up on bread – you get to await your main entree. RJ and I both opted for chicken but I decided to try something from the Tandoori part of the menu since I guessed it would be a bit healthier for me versus the creamy sauced up meals I typically order from an Indian restaurant.  I went with the Chicken Malai Tikka which is Boneless Chicken marinated with Yogurt, Cream and Butter. But it’s not a creamy dish – it comes out much more like you would expect chicken fajitas from a Mexican restaurant. The onions and peppers are charred perfectly, and the chicken was so tender. They serve it with jasmine rice – but I just used a little as I wanted to eat as much of the chicken and veggies as possible.  It was delicious!


Chicken Vindaloo – extra spicy on request!

RJ went with the Chicken Vindaloo – and you can get this with lamb, fish, chicken, shrimp….so pick your meat! The meat is cooked with vinegar, spices and potatoes in a spicy gravy and the menu says its a goan specialty – which if you were like me that didn’t really help a lot. I looked it up: Goan describes the people of the Indian state of Goa . Easy enough.

Rj enjoyed his meal – but was let down about the spice level. When he ordered the server told him it was spicy and asked if that was okay. RJ responded by saying “perfect, make it even more spicy.” I guess, as usual, servers never believe that RJ really can handle the heat…so it was just moderately spicy (I even had a bite!).
Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. RJ said it didn’t beat out his other Indian favorite, Maharani – but that he would go to Bombay Grille again. I was over the top about my Tandoori chicken and am excited to try it again!

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