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Moroccan inspired dish!

We’ve been on a roll with some delicious meals this week – and dinner on Wednesday night was no exception. We found a Moroccan inspired recipe on EatingWell and it looked super yummy so we decided to try it.

Here’s the link:

I wasn’t really sure how i felt about spices like cinnamon hanging out on my chicken….but I figured Moroccan food has been around for awhile, so they must be doing something right. 🙂

The recipe calls for chicken thighs – but we used chicken breast instead and it was still delicious. So feel free to make this exchange as well! We also didn’t add the cilantro and subbed dried coriander instead. I would be curious to see how the fresh cilantro would impact this dish.

The results were fantastic. It smelled delicious and the juice from the oranges made the flavors really pop! If you haven’t ever tried couscous – you MUST! It is one of my favorites and we haven’t had it in awhile. Glad to have it back in my life for this meal.

The only thing that seemed to be missing from this meal was a little bit of a sauce. RJ of course picked out a hot sauce to put on it and after much debate, I put a little light soy sauce on mine and it was actually really good.  Sort of a salty meets sweet combo.

Coming in at 417 calories, the meal was very hearty. The recipe suggests serving it with green beans, but honestly – this meal was enough on it’s own!

Two thumbs up from both of us. Let us know how you like it!


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