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Acapulco Fish Tacos

So – for Lent, RJ & I are saying good bye to Mexican food and Fried food. Let’s have a moment of silence for those 2 things.


Okay. I’m still slightly traumatized by our decision because I love Mexican food – but i can do anything for 40 days (right?)! In order to properly say goodbye, we decided to enjoy one last Mexican meal out at 1900 Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar on Park Road here in Charlotte for Fat Tuesday.

Afterall, this restaurant was where RJ & I had our first official date, so it holds a special place in our hearts. *aww*

Alright, i know – you are thinking hurry up and get to the review! Here we go…

This restaurant has a good feeling to it – you walk in and you feel comfortable and it doesn’t seem overly posh, or too much like a hole in the wall. The service is always good, everyone’s friendly and the chips and salsa are delicious which i find to be very telling of a Mexican restaurant. If the chips and salsa aren’t good – typically the actual meal won’t be either.

I always appreciate a nice hot basket of chips when I arrive to eat Mexican food and i wasn’t disappointed here.  The chips & salsa are probably my favorite thing (hence our decision to stop eating Mexican & fried foods because I keep ruining my weight loss efforts with weekly mexican food!)

Their salsa is a little chunky which i like, and i asked for their house tomatilla salsa (since green salsa tends to be my favorite) and it was also delicious. A little different from other green salsa I’ve had elsewhere, a bit more on the tomato side and more spicy…but I still enjoyed it!

For dinner we both decided to do Tacos. One reason i really like this particular Mexican restaurant is because they offer a lot of GRILLED chicken options vs. shredded chicken. I just am not a fan of shredded chicken, so I’m often steered toward fajitas or a veggie  burrito when i go to a place that doesn’t have the grilled option.

RJ ordered the fish tacos (see picture above). It was 3 beer battered tilapia strip tacos with a creamy cilantro ranch, pico de gallo and lettuce. These came with the classic white rice and black beans. RJ said he was impressed with the fish tacos, and ranked them as second only to Cabo Fish Taco.  The fish was light and flaky, and the cilantro ranch sauce was the perfect topping for the fish even though he typically hates ranch dressing!



I (who never orders tacos) went big on what we’ll call Last Mexican Supper and ordered the Tacos Fundidos with grilled chicken. You can order steak if you aren’t a big chicken fan. Of course the best part of these tacos was the fundido sauce – which is a cheese dip and AMAZING! The tacos were pretty basic with  just the flour tortilla, grilled chicken and cheese sauce. They came with lettuce, tomato, sour cream on the side along with some white rice so i added those items as topping and enjoyed the meal thoroughly.

Honestly, I could just go back and order the cheese dip and eat basket upon basket of chips with it next time (which WILL be after Easter btw!).

We had an awesome coupon from our CityPass book – so we ended up saving $10 on our meal.  For dinner you are looking at $10 for a taco meal like mine…and you can spend as much as $17 on a bigger entree like Filet Mignon medallions or Pork Chops. So it’s a decent price for a nice meal out – but you don’t have to get all dressed up!

We’ll definitely go back again (after this Lent thing) and highly recommend it to any of you who are lucky enough to still be eating Mexican food.

I wasn’t able to find an actual website for them which i thought was weird – but this has info on the location(s) and hours:

Till our next eating adventure,




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  1. John Dickerson said:

    Great now I want Las Margaritas! I’ll have a taco for you guys!

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