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300 calories: Bay Scallops and Veggies, WOW!

Last night’s dinner felt like a nice night out – except we enjoyed it in the comfort of our own home. We pulled a recipe from Cooking Light magazine (we are subscribers – great magazine!). Here’s the link to the recipe.

We also served it with Tarragon Carrots & Peas to round out the meal – because with the Scallops and Puree ringing in at 232 calories – you are going to want something else to eat!

We changed a few things – mainly that we used Bay Scallops instead of the larger variety. I personally prefer Bay Scallops – they are smaller bite size portions and it makes the texture a little more do-able for me. (Reminder: I am a super picky eater!).  And in the Tarragon Carrots and Peas – we went with baby carrots & sliced them up a bit longways instead of spending the extra money for pre sliced ones! Remember – you always pay for convenience! And instead of snap peas – we bough a can of peas (again – this is because i’m picky and like peas better than snap peas, I know, I know). We added some red onion to our meal since we had some left over and didn’t want to waste it. Plus, who doesn’t love sauteed  onions!?

The veggie side is about 41 calories – so maybe about 50 or 55 if you add some onions. Again – this WHOLE meal is still under 300 calories. Unbelievable! And honestly – so delicious. It really did taste gourmet – but it only took about 20 minutes and everything was pretty easy.

If you’ve never tried a Cauliflower Puree before – I recommend it. This one rounds it out a bit with potato – but it’s super yummy and such a low calorie option! I’m not a big cauliflower fan (big suprise, Dre doesn’t like something, right?) – but the puree is delicious and perfect bed for the Bay Scallops.

You will definitely enjoy this meal. And with it only being about 300 calories – you can add a slice of bread or have some light ice cream later (we totally did!).



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