Adventures of Eating with dReJ: healthy, cheap, delicious

Here we go – here’s the name, “grade,” and links to our 4 recipes we made this week. We’re working on individual write ups in the meantime.

Summer Paella: Okay we know it’s not summer, but we sure have had a few warm afternoons. Either way, Paella is yummy. We left out a few things from this recipe – so if you aren’t a huge seafood fan, you can get away with just doing this one with shrimp. We’ll give this an A this week, very filling and great taste.

Latin American Empanadas : These were a great rendition of a typically fried meal. Still had some great flavor, and see our individual posts for some variations on how to make them. A on these – again, we’re suckers for this kind of stuff.

Eggplant Parmesan: This one was surprisingly yummy. We used a bit more eggplant than suggested per serving and it was pretty hearty. I’m going to give this one a B+ because it’s not the best thing we’ve ever made, and it took a little while to make. But when it comes to Italian renditions – we thought this one worked out well.

Bacon and Wild Mushroom Risotto with Baby Spinach: Hands down – our favorite dish this week. This one was super easy to make and full of flavor. A+

Keep eating healthy, cheap & delicious! :)

-Dre & RJ


Comments on: "Weekly Recipes: Nov 8 – 12" (2)

  1. Hey guys!
    if you want a cheaper solution to leaving saffron out of stuff like paella, Goya makes a “Sazon con azafran” which has it anyway. You’d just have to leave out salt,and pepper, or at least regulate it because it’s included in the ltitle packet. I keep it in the house and it doesn’t spoil, since it comes in single-serve type packets, There are 6-8 in a box, and each box is 2dollars and change (at least at Publix) 🙂
    I LOVE that you put empanadas up this week!
    Hope all’s well,

    • Erika – awesome tip! We will have to look for that – definitely more affordable! RJ did say that our healthy empanadas were nothing in comparison to your authentic ones 😉 But they were still tasty and i didn’t feel AS guilty haha

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