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Taco Mac Review

You may have heard about the new restaurant that came to Charlotte town recently. With a name like Taco Mac it is probably a little hard to figure out what to expect when you go. Are there tacos? Or is it a macaroni and cheese kinda place? The name actually came from their original location in Atlanta – so it sort of makes sense that their name has little to do with their food options.

Taco Mac is located in the Piedmont Row area of Charlotte – in the heart of South Park. There food ranges from queso and nachos as appetizers, buffalo style wings, southwestern wraps, quesadillas, hamburgers, etc. When you walk in – one thing pops out at you – SPORTS BAR! There are flat screens everywhere! RJ & I have actually been to Taco Mac twice. The first time we just went to check out the beer list that we’d heard so much about.

Trip One:

RJ ordered the hot wings – he’s a big hot sauce kinda guy, so he wanted to check out their “death” sauce.  It was a $1 extra, so he was pretty pumped. I ordered the Fiesta Chicken Nachos for us to share. Taco Mac markets their draft options for beer pretty heavily, so RJ was excited to check it out. I personally thought there were a lot of beers on the draft list, but RJ wasn’t super impressed with the options. He said that they may have 100 beers on draft, but you’ve probably tried 90% of them because they have all the different variations of classics like Bud, Miller, etc.

Their list of bottled beer I felt was more impressive with some different options I’d never heard of. So i would say if you are a big beer snob, you might not be as impressed with Taco Mac’s offerings, but for the regular person (me!) – I thought it was just fine.  Since we went in October – I was able to get the Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale  which is my #1 fav pumpkin beer this season.

Back to the food. RJ gives a big thumbs down to the wings. He assumes the kitchen delivered the wrong sauce because the “death” sauce wasn’t even mildly hot to him. Oh well – it’s hard to find good wings!

On the other hand, their Fiesta Chicken Nachos were great! The chips are nice and crispy, and the toppings were fresh and ample. This appetizer is definitely one to share with the whole table – it is massive!!

Trip 2:

One of my friends works at Taco Mac, so we decided to give it another try. This time we actually ate lunch there instead of just apps. We started with a different app upon her recommendation – the Chili Con Queso – but we substituted chicken for the beef. It was DELICIOUS. Again, their chips are really tasty – crispy and warm and perfect for dipping into yummy melted queso. It also came with red salsa which was equally delicious and has just a bit of heat to it.

For meals, I ordered the Southwest Wrap (Marinated chicken, fi esta black beans, rice, onions,peppers, T’ Mac wing sauce, lettuce, tomato in a warm tortilla). This is one of their healthier options coming in under 600 calories. I do like that the menu has some healthier options. But of course I ordered it with fries and ruined the healthy part. I have to say  I wasn’t too impressed with the wrap. It just seemed to be lacking flavor. I was hoping the T’Mac wing sauce would bring it home – but i really just was bored with it.

The fries on the other hand were amazing. Super crispy and hot! I ended up eating all my fries and maybe 1/3 of my wrap. I asked for ranch dressing on the side and it costs extra money. Big thumbs down on that. I expect free dipping sauce at a place that talks about wings!

RJ ordered the Los Cabos Fish Tacos (Blackened tilapia served in two warm fl our tortillas with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and spicyhorseradish sauce). He felt that the meal was mediocre at best (the fish could have been crisper, and serving them wrapped in tin foil made them more soggy). He agreed about the fries being awesome and the appetizer was the best part.

Overall – I think Taco Mac has a niche for yummy appetizers that feed a lot of people and good selection of beer for those that aren’t looking for that obscure double hopped chocolate stout with sugar on top kinda of thing. 🙂 It’s definitely a fun place to go if you are wanting to catch a game with a bunch of other people that are cheering on their team.

I would definitely agree to meet people there for appetizers and beers, but i probably would opt out for lunch or dinner there again.

Check it out yourself at


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