Adventures of Eating with dReJ: healthy, cheap, delicious

Alright – here’s the 4 picks for this week and quick links to them. If you want tips, reviews and what we changed, check out our individual posts for each of the recipes.

Chickpea, Spinach & Squash Gnocchi: I’d give this recipe a B as is. Check out our tips on the post for ways to improve it!

Bean & Butternut Squash Tacos: A+++++ we loved this recipe. Give it a chance.

Quick Shrimp Enchilada Bake: A: This is really a simple dish to make, and great for make ahead and reheat lunches/dinners

Roasted Red Pepper and Herb Pasta with Shrimp A-  RJ & I are divided on this one, it was good but I felt it needed more sauce. He thought it was good as is. So we’ll go with an A- as a compromise, because I guess adding a little sauce to it isn’t hard to do.

Thanks for reading – and let us know if you tried one of our recipes by leaving a comment for us anywhere on the site! We love your feedback 🙂


-Dre & RJ




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