Adventures of Eating with dReJ: healthy, cheap, delicious

The Liberty in Charlotte, NC

Dining Area at the Liberty

This past weekend we finally tried someplace new. There are so many interesting places to eat in Charlotte – and we always go to the same place. The Liberty is located in Charlotte’s South End area and we both really enjoyed our lunch. We had been there for a few beers before – they have a fairly impressive list of beers available.

Ranging from your cheap beers like Coors Light & PBR to some really interesting finds like Alagash “Victor”or “Victoria” Ale (bring some cash – this big bottle goes for $30). They also have a nice selection of in between – like Alagash White, Harpoon, Terrapin and some seasonals as well. Check out there beer list here.

We went for lunch after checking out their menu and agreeing they had some interesting options. As an appetizer, we had the Warm Yukon Gold Potato Chips, Humbolt For Bleu Cheese, even though I was also debating getting the house made soft pretzels upon our waitresses recommendations. But RJ really likes bleu cheese, so we opted for the chips and bleu cheese. I have to say – they were pretty delicious. Not too heavy on the  bleu cheese, and the chips tasted home made so they were crisp and thin. It was a good amount for 2 people and not too pricey for an app at $6.

RJ ordered the HERCULES DOUBLE IPA from Great Divide Brewing ($5.5). It’s a good Double IPA.  Strong Hoppyness, but not over powering.  The beer is a bit sweet, and copery.  It is a 10%, however highly drinkable. I ordered a diet Pepsi – no review needed there. Bubbly caffeinated goodness!

For lunch – I found myself really drawn to their sandwiches even though I’m not much of a sandwich kinda gal. I was torn between the Ashley Farms Chicken Breast with Avocado, Havarti Cheese, Chipotle Aioli and the Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Roasted Peppers, Onions, Arugula & Swiss. RJ was seriously considering the chicken sandwich as well, but when we asked our waitress (who was very friendly and good at suggestions) she said they were out of avocado and recommended we try something else. I appreciated her honesty and went with the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich.

The portobello mushroom sandwich was amazing! It was a decent sized mushroom, and the combo of roasted peppers, onions and swiss cheese was awesome. It was marinated in something – no clue what, but very tasty. It was a bit messy to eat – so I wouldn’t recommend this for a business lunch or first date fare. 🙂

RJ got the English Style “Fish & Chips” Malt Vinegar, Tartare Sauce & Fries. The batter on the fish was talked up by our waitress – so we were curious to see the results.  RJ  felt like the meal was good quality fish. He said the breading was good for the first 3/4 of it, then it got a bit soggy.  However most fish with  batter get soggy at some point probably because he doesn’t eat it fast enough, or maybe the serving size is more than he wants to eat anyway.

You could pick from a variety of sides, so we both got the Parmesan Herb Fries.  They  came out in a separate container which is nice for people who don’t like their food to touch! The serving was huge – and the fries were awesome. I like my fries to be a bit more on the crunch side, and the parm-herb seasoning was crispy on the outside of the fries – so I was pleased.

We didn’t have any room for dessert. But we both agreed that this was a place worth trying again for dinner as the menu is totally different. I thought The Liberty had a nice atmosphere including some fun beer facts in the bathroom. RJ & I both came back from trips to the restroom armed with “trivia” to share with each other. Be sure you check that out for yourself.

There is outdoor seating and comfy seating inside. The bar area is separated from the dining area which is nice although you can order from the full menu at the bar. It’s very clean, modern and we will definitely go again. Good range of seafood options as well as pork, chicken and beef. Not a lot of options at least on the dinner menu other than salads and some apps for true veggies.  A few sandwich, soups and salad options on lunch menu that are vegetarian friendly.

Overall – thumbs up. Next time I go, I’m going to try that chicken sandwich!

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