Adventures of Eating with dReJ: healthy, cheap, delicious

Wow – where does the time go? Another week, another delicious four meals to report on. This week, we’re going to include the 4 recipes we cooked below with the links so you can quickly jump to them if you are interested. Then in separate posts each with the recipe name – I’ll put our review, pics, tips, and any changes we made so you can reference that if you want – or not!

Here’s the 4 we picked for last week:

Slow-Cooker Black Bean-Mushroom Chili (A+)

Meatloaf (this calls for ground beef but we used ground turkey breast instead!) (see review for tips for a sauce that will bring the score on this recipe up) dReJ rating: B (A with sauce)

Slow Cooker Braised Pork with Salsa (this recipe says to serve it over quinoa or rice and we decided to make a Salsa Cornbread instead) dReJ rating: A

Loaded Potato Soup (we served this with a french baguette for yummy dipping) dReJ rating: B-

Check out our individual recipe reviews for additional info.  Enjoy!

-Dre & RJ


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